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Westchester K9 Training Inc. Can help you with all of your dog Training Needs.

There are many areas of training to be addressed when it comes to your K9's behavior. Because of this, there are also many different training techniques involved in training your K9 to behaved properly. We believe that a well planned and executed K9 Training program should be fun and rewarding for both you and your K9. At Westchester K9 Training Inc. we work with your dogs particular personality traits, home environment, past training experience, and possible behavior issues and we train your dog to be more obedient and responsive to your commands. Regardless of if you are you looking to train your K9 to obey the basic commands of sit, stay, come, heal and down, or Modifying your dogs bad behavior of chewing, nipping, digging, jumping (or anything else they can come up with), Westchester K9 Inc. Can help. We provide outstanding customer service and promise to care for your K9 with the same loving care that you do.

 If you are looking to train your dog for any reason Westchester K9 Training Inc. has a program for you.

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With just a few short training sessions your dog can become responsive to your commands making the relashonship for you and your K9 Fun

Here is a short video showing Vinnie Demaio working basic training techniques with 5 Month old. Jada

Here are just a few of the K9 training Programs Westchester K9 Training Inc. offers:

Puppy Training: It's never to early to start training your Puppy or young Dog to behave properly. There is some truth the to old adage "It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks". Although not totally true it is good to get a good head start. Let us help you to start planning early to assure you have a long and loving relationship with your new best friend.

Basic Obedience: We start with the 5 Basic commands of Sit, Stay, Down, Come, and Heal. Imagine how much more you will enjoy your K9's company when they quickly respond to these 5 basic commands

Advanced obedience:
We will help train your dog in more advanced areas.  Hand commands and off leash training techniques will be utilized to further enhance your communication with your K9.

Behavior Modification: Lets face it. If your dog is not behaving the way you would like the fun can be quickly sucked out of it. We are here to tell you that owning your K9 can always be fun and those problematic behaviors in your K9 can be modified.  If your dog is barking, Nipping, digging, jumping, running away, leash pulling, or any other improper behavior it's time to train your K9 to stop those bad behaviors now. Utilizing our proven techniques of positive reinforcement training you will be delighted when you see how easy it can be for you and your K9 to be seeing things the same way again.

Personal Protection Programs: We can train your dog to help provide additional security to your home and your family. Not all dogs are recommended for this program and a full evaluation of your K9, and your goals, will need to be fully evaluated before any training will be offered. Please call us to discuss these options further.

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