Westchester K9 Training Inc.

Invisible Fencing

Westchester K9 Training Inc.
 A Leading Supplier, Installer, and Service Center for PetSafe Invisible Fencing.

  Now it is easy and inexpensive to create a safe area for your K9 to relax and play.

Let Westchester K9 Training Inc. Install your PetSafe Invisible fencing and then train your dogs to avoid it.

  Our Garantee to you is that once we have installed your new PetSafe Invisible fencing
 we will then take the time to properly train your dogs to obey and avoid it.

Remember, The purpose of the Invisible fence is not ever to punish or hurt your dog.
The purpose of the Invisible Fence is to provide a safe tool to help train your dog to obey boundaries.

 At Westcheter K9 Training Inc. we will install your Invisible Fence system
 and then properly train your K9 before we consider our job done.

The Petsafe Invisible Fence system provides a quick, easy, and clean system creating a instant boundary for your Dog.

Use the Petsafe Invisible Fence System to help

  *Control run away dogs*

*Keep your dogs contained to specific portions of your property*

*Allow your dog to relax and play freely in their own protected space*

*Allow you to remove unsightly fences for your property*

We Guarantee all our work for 2 years from the date of installation.

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