Westchester K9 Training Inc.

Westchester K9 Dog Training Services

Westchester K-9 Training Service Inc.
 Professional Dog Training Services at affordable prices.

Our Goal is to help properly train your dogs so you and your K9 can get the most out of your relationship.

Westchester K9 Training Inc. specializes in Dog Behavior Modification.
We can help you with your dog training needs in the following areas:

  * Basic K9 Obedience Training
  * Advanced K9 Obedience Training
  * Personal Protection K9 Training
  * Behavioral Issue Modification
  * Biting
  * Barking
  * House Training
  * Digging
  * Run Aways
  * Destructive Behavior
  * Handler Aggression
  * Leash Pulling
  * On and Off Leash Training

  Wetchester K9 Training Inc. can help you with all your K9 dog training skills so you can better enjoy your time with your dog.

The video below is a small sampling of basic obedience training
being given by Vinnie Demaio the owner of Westchester K9.

We believe the only way to effectively train any K9 is with positive reinforced training.

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Are you a resident of Mt Kisco NY?, Bedford NY, Armonk NY, Chappaqua NY, or the surrounding Westchester county area?
 We would be happy to provide you with a Free Phone consultation to see how we can best help you and your K9.

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Lets face it. Having a K9 with behavioral issues is no fun at all.

If you have a dog that barks, Bites, Chews, Digs, Jumps, or does not listen for any reason... we can help.
Click Here to learn more about all of our K9 Training Programs.

Did you know it is much easier to modify a dogs bad behavior than you may think and with just a few short training
sessions you can improve your dogs behavior for the rest of their life.

Westchester K9 Training Inc. Of Tuckahoe NY is a leading Provider of effective K9 Behavioral Training
 as well as Personal K9 Protection Training and K9 Home Protection Training.

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